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The TD Chemicals team (TD) has for over 20 years provided chemical engineering consulting and project feasibility services to the biofuels, mineral, sugar and chemical industries. Based in Queensland, Australia, TD has participated in multi-million dollar projects worldwide.

Consulting services in project feasibility studies, the improvement of process yield, prevention of failures and the reduction of maintenance and operating costs are provided in:

Bio-fuels production
Coal Value Addition
Pan boiling
Heat exchangers
Vessels and piping

These studies carried out, either fixed fee or on an hourly basis, include a systematic problem solving procedure, an evaluation of available options and assistance in decision implementation.

Client benefits are significant savings, with payback periods of less than one week to two years, often achieved.

Typical reviews include:

Fuel ethanol studies
Coal chemical and fuel studies
Increased sugar mill recoveries
Arrest of sugar mill boiler tube failures
Elimination of boiler water carryover and turbine failures
Decontamination of paper mill boiler water
Reduction of textile factory solvent losses
Optimisation of distillery evaporator performance
Increased distillery yields
Improved spirit quality


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