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TD Chemicals has since 2007 prepared conceptual and preliminary feasibility studies for the production of value added products from coal. These include synthetic natural gas, methanol, dimethyl ether (DME), ammonia, urea, diesel and naphtha. Results achieved are preliminary flow diagrams, mass and energy balances, capital and operating budget estimates and cash flow analyses.


Coal and lignite gasification
Syngas purification
Water purification
Methanol and DME synthesis
Ammonia and urea synthesis
Fischer Tropsch (FT) fuels synthesis
Products work up


South and Western Australia lignites
Low grade coal gasification
FT fuel technologies
Sasol coal-to-liquids

Team Expertise

John Marriott (BSc Chem Eng)
Coal-to-liquid (CTL) specialist.
40 years of Sasol CTL design

Tike Traicos (BSc Chem Eng, MBL) Process design and feasibility engineer. 30 years of biofuels, powergen and chemical projects

Delene Traicos (BSc, UED)
Administration, communications and data processing

Toni Traicos (BDes)
Graphic Design

Cari Traicos (BPsych Hons)
Strategic planning and analysis



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